American Homebrewers Association Rally at No-Li Brewhouse

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If you are an avid homebrewer and are interested in checking out the behind-the-scenes action at No-Li Brewhouse in Spokane, then we have an event for you! No-Li Brewhouse and the American Homebrewers Association are teaming up for an AHA Rally on Sunday, November 15, 2015 from 2:00-4:00pm. RSVP here. Event will be located at No-Li Brewhouse, 1003 E. Trent Ave. #170, Spokane, WA.

Per the AHA website, an AHA Rally is “a benefit of the AHA membership, the AHA hosts a series of AHA Rallies across the country, giving homebrewers the chance to connect with commercial craft breweries as well as other beer enthusiasts and homebrewers in their area.”

This event is for American Homebrewer Association members only; however if you are not yet an AHA member you can go to the event and join at a discounted rate. You can find out more about the benefits of joining AHA here.

Certified Cicerone®, Editor for New School Beer - Washington, she has been in the local beer industry for two years. Currently slinging beers at Stoup Brewing and is founder of the Seattle chapter of Girls Pint Out, member of Pink Boots Society, and contributor to Volume by Alcohol and Brewed For Thought.

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