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Time Capsule: Big Al Brewing’s Wild Ale Series

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Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

A time capsule is typically considered to be a tangible slice of life at an exact moment of time encapsulated so those in the future can see what life was like in a specific time period or moment. There’s no recipe for a perfect time capsule, you can add in personal accounts of daily life in a rural town, newspaper clippings of top headlines, current clothing fashions, or photographs. Each time capsule is unique and will never be replicated, its been carefully curated and left to mature on its own. Big Al Brewing was inspired by this sentiment and has started their own liquid version of a time capsule in their Time Capsule wild ale series.

Big Al Brewing opened its doors back in August 2008 and has been producing quality beers like their popular Big Hoppa, Irish Red, and seasonal Civ’s Session IPA. Time Capsule series began as an ode to the wild and funky notes produced by wild yeast and bacterium such as Brettanomyces, Pediococcus, and Lactobacillus.

Time Capsule series

The brewery first debuted their Time Capsule series in spring 2014. Currently in the Time Capsule series lineup there is: July ’14, August ’14, October ’14, and March ’15. July ’14 was brewed with 100% Brettanomyces, giving the wild ale a nice balance of mild tartness and fruity notes with a bready malt character.  August ’14 is an Apollo-hopped farmhouse-style ale that also used 100% Brettanomyces in brewing, giving the beer a “subtle, earthy funkiness, lush notes of tropical and citrus fruits with a grassy dry finish.” September ’14 is a Saison ale based on the traditional Belgium style, this effervescent beer is only available on draft. Big Al himself wanted to create an even more hyper-local Time Capsule, the October ’14 Time Capsule was open-fermented using the local White Center microbiota in the air along with house ale yeast and souring microbe blend to give the ale its unique funkiness and tart qualities. March ’15 was brewed using Belgian yeast plus a blend of six different Brettanomyces and one Lactobacillus species giving the Saison a very unique earthy, woody and fruity character. In early 2016 Big Al Brewing will release the newest member of the series, and yet also the oldest; August ’08. This will be a blended sour brown ale with intense sour, tart notes that will feature tropical and dried fruit character, August ’08 will be available in bottles only. Each bottle released features a list of notable events on the back of the bottle that occurred during that specific beer’s date, so the March ’15 bottle lists events that happened during March 2015 and so on. A time capsule on a Time Capsule.

Time Capsule series are sold in 375 mL bottles and can be found at various bottle shops around town. Some of the beers in the series can also be found on draft.

Big Al Brewing will be at Uber Tavern on Thursday, November 5, starting at 5:00pm for a Time Capsule tasting event. They will have July ’14, October ’14, and March ’15 alongside their Big Hoppa IPA available to taste.

Time Capsule October '14

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