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Fremont Brewing Awarded 2015 Manufacturer of the Year

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Image via Fremont Brewing

Image via Fremont Brewing

The Association of Washington Business has awarded its prestigious Manufacturer of the Year for 2015 to Fremont Brewing. The Seattle brewery was honored with the award for “our commitment organic and locally sourced ingredients, our innovative partnership to generate electricity from waste, our leadership on employee benefits, and our strong political advocacy for all manufacturers.” Also recognized by the Association of Washington Business were Claar Cellars Winery, Earth Friendly Products, The Lighthouse for the Blind, and Broetje Orchards.

Fremont Brewing has been at the front line for many issues, namely Sara Nelson (co-owner) and her advocacy for the Small BREW Act which would reduce the federal tax rate breweries pay on each barrel produced. Fremont Brewing is also pursuing more ways to be sustainable in a business that creates a lot of waste, e.g. waste water and packaging. The new production facility in Ballard – Fremont West, as the brewery affectionately calls it – will have solar panels and a carbon dioxide recapturing system to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Fremont Brewing has been an innovator not only in the brewery but also on its political and humanitarian efforts. It’s an exceptional thing to have a local company put its money where its mouth is. View the Association of Washington Business’ video below to hear more about Fremont Brewing and how they choose to be an trailblazer in this industry.


Fremont Brewing is located at 3409 Woodland Park Avenue North, Seattle, WA. 


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