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Washington Brewers’ Ultimate Dream Thanksgiving 6-Pack

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Brewers Dream Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving many will serve wine or sparkling cider at the dinner table, however, with the rise of craft beer people are starting to see how well various dishes can be paired with a beer. The toasted malty notes of a Vienna Lager with the roasted, crispy skin of the turkey, or how about a stout with lots of coffee and chocolate notes to go along with a cherry cheesecake?

We asked some Washington brewers to build their dream six-pack to bring to their Thanksgiving table, beers that they either thought would be a great accompaniment to the meal or perhaps they just have fond memories of a particular beverage. There were no rules – any beer whether it was a draft-only, canned, or bottled option was fair game.


Barry Chan – Brewer at Lucky Envelope Brewing

“Thanksgiving for me is about family, tradition, and comfort.”

Yuengling Lager (x2)- We call it “Lager” where I grew up in Pennsylvania. My ultimate comfort beer.

Sierra Nevada Brewing’s CelebrationCelebration yells “The holidays are here!” Dare I call it my favorite IPA?

Lucky Envelope Brewing’s Helles LagerA favorite recipe from my homebrewing days.

Chuckanut Brewing’s Vienna LagerA perfectly malty and crisp amber lager.

New Glarus Brewing’s Raspberry Tart A bit of a splurge but it’s the holidays. An incredibly juicy way to wrap up your turkey day meal (or whet your appetite for the next round of leftovers).


Grady Warnock – Brewer at Sound to Summit Brewing

Carlsberg Lager – I chose Carlsberg because it’s a really easy drinking lager and also a tradition for me.

Sound to Summit Brewing’s Bad Jack’s Pumpkin Spice AleThis really does taste like pumpkin pie!

Elysian Brewing’s Dragonstooth Stout – I chose this because of its higher ABV and its rich, bold, roasty flavors work well with Thanksgiving Day food flavors.

Chuckanut Brewing’s Vienna Lager – It’s toffee tones are enjoyable in cold weather.

Widmer Brewing’s Brrr – This is arguably my favorite fall seasonal. It’s easy to drink more than one of, unlike some stronger flavored seasonals.

Maui Brewing’s CoCoNut Porter – CoCoNut Porter is just wacky but balanced.



Paige Zahnle – Brewer at Beardslee Public House

Founders Brewing’s All Day IPA (x2) – This Session PA is what I’d be drinking while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Easy and delicious.

Wander Brewing’s Pomegranate Millie American Sour –  This will create the perfect bite with a little stuffing and turkey. Who needs cranberry sauce?

Seapine Brewing’s Super C French SaisonThis Saison willl be enjoyed during hors d’oeuvres with bloomy rind cheese, like triple creme. The flavors complement each other so well and the Saison’s high carbonation cuts through the richness of the cheese and cleanses the palate. 

Stoup Brewing’s Robust Porter – This Porter will match the intensity of gravy perfectly. The malty sweetness and bitterness of the Porter will cut the richness while the roasted notes will complement the caramelized turkey dressing.

Beardslee Public House’s Dubbel Cut Saw – This Belgian Dubbel will go great with a pecan pie. The nutty and caramelized brown sugar of the pie are harmonious with the dubbel’s dried fruit, and the higher alcohol will cut through some of the pie’s sweetness. 

Certified Cicerone®, Editor for New School Beer - Washington, she has been in the local beer industry for two years. Currently slinging beers at Stoup Brewing and is founder of the Seattle chapter of Girls Pint Out, member of Pink Boots Society, and contributor to Volume by Alcohol and Brewed For Thought.

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