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Reuben’s Brews Announces Beer Advent Calendar

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Image via Reuben's Brews

Image via Reuben’s Brews

Reuben’s Brews is launching their new Beer Advent Calendar contest starting Tuesday, December 1 and running through Thursday, December 24. The promotion will feature a different beer, which will be announced via Reuben’s Brews Facebook page daily. Customers who purchase the beer du jour will receive a punch on their Advent Calendar punch card. You can earn prizes based on how many punches you have earned.

  • First 6 punches – Reuben’s Brews bottle opener
  • 12 punches – Reuben’s Brews pint glass
  • 18 punches – Reuben’s Brews T-shirt and a pint glass
  • 24 punches – All of the above prizes plus you’ll be entered into a drawing for a grand prize

If you are not able to actually visit Reuben’s Brews every day between 12/1-12/24 you are able to “make up” missing a day by ordering a pint of a previous days’ beer du jour, and with them having 24 tap handles it looks like you’ll have a chance to make up a few days’ worth.

With all contests there are some rules and fine print:

  • Contest ends on December 31
  • Only full-size pours or growler fills are eligible for punches, no tasters
  • Advent Calendar punch cards an only be used one per person, and are non-transferable
  • You only get credit for the beers you drink, so don’t try ordering beers for friends and think it’ll count

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